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The Hunt Museum: A brief history!

The Hunt Museum:  The Hunt Museum is proudly one of our most popular stops on The Limerick Tour. A former Customs House (interesting fact!) and  a fine Palladian (European style of architecture) building designed by none other than Italian architect Davis Ducarte in 1765. The Hunt Museum sits on the banks of the River Shannon right down the road from our wonderful King John's Castle and embedded just at the edge of King's Island and across from the Locke Bar. 

An inscription at the Hunt Museum reads ‘The loveliness of many coloured gems has called me away from external cares’ aptly describing what this museum in Limerick has to offer you ! Undoubtedly, one of the best in Ireland as it displays a small, but excellent selection of national and international treasures. They have curated a minimal but compelling collection, careful not to overdo like some larger museums!  It is spread over three areas, a basement and a gallery, where you can stroll along and take in the history this museum has to offer.

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The back story is quite special and different, the legacy of a local couple John and Gertrude Hunt. He was an art dealer and expert on medieval art and furniture, who advised Lord Gort on the restoration of nearby Bunratty Castle. They had a deep interest in history and also revitalised the amazing Craggaunowen. The couple began collecting their fabulous art collection shortly after the war and as they had a particular interest in medieval religious art and collected lots of valuable pieces  which they kindly donated to the nation on condition that the state provided some place to exhibit it ... which would transpire to be The Hunt Museum, opened to the public in 1996.

Last but not least the cafe downstairs is a great place to grab a takeaway coffee or sit down and take in the sites of the River Shannon, they even have live jazz on Fridays!


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